What is Debarker?

KMEC Rotary Debarker is an innovative development in debarking technology employing a combination of mechanical abrasion and log-to-log contact to efficiently remove bark from logs of all shapes and species. It is used when the logs need to be peeled in the wood pellet mill.

Features of the KMEC Debarker include:

  • Full contact of rotors along entire length of log ensuring small diameter, crooked and swept logs can be effectively debarked.
  • Far gentler action than conventional drum debarking machine ensuring fewer damaged logs, less fibre loss and lower operating costs.
  • Bark is expelled to a separate conveyor.
  • Best choice for small and medium scale factory.
  • Low initial investment.
  • High production capacity

Main Parameters of Debarker

Main data of Debarking machine for Pelletizing Plant:
Diameter range of wood logs:20mm-500mm
Debark rate>90%
Wood loss rate<2%
length of the wood logs≤6m
Overall dimension:8000*1400*1700mm

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